About Us


RNS Exotic Car Rental Services

We are a fast-growing exotic car rental company located in both NYC and Miami, Florida. Here at RNS, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service and the world’s latest high-end vehicles to our exclusive clientele.

Our machines will provide you with exhilaration, comfort, joy, and memories that will last a lifetime. From book to return, we invite you all to enjoy this seamless experience.

Rent the best exotic cars for personal or business related events

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Joy Ride Rental

Rent the exotic car of your dreams for that joy ride you have been waiting for.

Wedding Rental

Rent exotic cars for that special wedding day to look extra flashy.

RNS Exotics Camera

Photoshoot Rental

Rent with RNS for your next exotic car photoshoot.

Vacation Rental

Rent an exotic car with RNS during that dream vacation.

Corporate Event Rental

Rent our exotic cars for your professional business and corporate events.

Music Video Rental

Exotic car rental for your next music video. Our exotic cars are perfect for your filming needs.